Why Should Your Agency Become a Member of the AFCCA?

Benefits of Membership

On behalf of our members, the Alberta Family Child Care Association is working hard to empower agencies, licensed educators and parents. We’re telling the government about what’s most important to you:

  • Valuing of the agency model, where licensed day home educators are supported
  • Recognizing regulated agencies and educators as best-in-class
  • Maintaining standards for high-quality care, safety, and accountability
  • Improving access to education, skills, and training for our educators

Who is eligible to become a member of AFCCA?

AFCCA Membership is available to Licensed Family Day Home Agencies in Alberta who are contracted with Alberta Children’s Services, Early Childhood Development Branch.

Why should you become an AFCCA member?

Becoming a member of the Alberta Family Child Care Association has many advantages to Agencies which in turn benefit all of their stakeholders; owners/directors, consultants, providers and parents. Here are a few of the benefits of joining this association:

Stay informed of changes and updates that affect Family Child Care

Being a member of the Alberta Family Child Care Association ensures that you are kept up to date on changes to the Licensed Family Day Home Standards, Grants and Professional Development Funding, subsidy, standardized forms, protocols for reporting, and other Agency expectations that affect you.

Training and Professional Development Opportunities

“The Breath of Fresh Air” conference is dedicated specifically to Family Child Care Professionals throughout Alberta, recognizing the unique skills needed to fulfill their role as a Family Day Home Consultant or Director of a Family Day Home Agency. The Conference also provides a setting for valuable networking with colleagues as well as some well deserved rejuvenation.

Find out when then next Family Child Care Consultant Resource Guide Training is available in your region. Mentors throughout the province have been trained to deliver the Resource Guide to both new and experienced Consultants and Directors in the Family Child Care field.

AFCCA members receive relevant information on Family Day Home Educator Conferences in specific regions in the province and other regional news and updates.

Be informed about the Annual CCCF Conference, which is a great place to gain valuable training, professional development information and resources.

Advocate for children’s rights and accessible, inclusive child care that supports the needs of families in your community

The AFCCA is a place for you to have a voice, share your insight, gain the insight of others in the field and advocate for development and implementation of standards designed to support and sustain quality child care.

Be part of a strong voice that advocates to the Government

Work together to make sure the Government is aware of our needs as Family Child Care Professionals, the Families, and Family Day Home Educators in our communities that we serve.

Promote respect and recognition of the importance of early childhood professionals in the community

The AFCCA website is available to the public and is a great way to promote to potential parents and day home educators that you are part of a recognized provincial association. All members will have their contact info and Agencies website posted on the AFCCA website.

Additional benefits

When you are a member of the AFCCA you receive an automatic membership to (CCCF) Canadian Child Care Federation. As a CCCF member you will receive the Interaction Magazine which is a well established magazine filled with quality resources, recent child care research projects, and Canadian wide child care news.