Discover Licensed Family Day Homes

What do Licensed Family Day Homes Offer?

Searching for and choosing childcare is an important decision for any family.  While it is the start of a new relationship, it can be nerve-wracking and stressful.  Parents want to find a safe, healthy environment that supports the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development of their children, but how do you find out about the day home program operator’s background?  Have there ever been complaints about the educator? How do you ensure the home and environment are safe? 

Licensed Agencies help family day home educators offer parents the best care possible for children. They develop and make policy decisions guided by the standards set by the Government of Alberta, and by what families expect, and deserve, for their children.  

We Know Families Want:

  • Families want to know their day homes employ committed and experienced early childhood educators, who get the training and support they need, so they can trust their day home operator 100%.
  • Families want reasonable child-educator ratios, that support quality supervision and interactions.
  • Families want strong oversight policies, to make sure their children are in a safe, caring environment.
  • Families need confidence their day home operator has policies in place to handle emergencies, and that they are insured.
  • Families need to know operators will work with them to understand how their children are being taught and cared for.
  • Families want to know that their educators are held accountable for meeting the government day home standards for operation.
Albertans should expect the highest standards for the benefit of their children, families, and early childhood educators and the Alberta Family Child Care Association supports all efforts to strengthen the delivery of quality child care for families.

Licensed Family Day Home Agencies are here to help through: